Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My first fan photo!

So I did these drawings, which became a series called "What My Neighbors Must Be Doing." Well, my awesome buddy & GirlsDrawinGirls founder Melody made my day by paying tribute to one of them. Here is my original drawing:

And here is Mel's fan photo:

U R the living end, Melody.

Crazy-ass Cricket is chasing her tail OMG what's the matter with her?


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carmen Mirandarth

Sooo, back in 2007, we at GirlsDrawinGirls were called upon by the kind folks at The Vader Project to do our take on the classic pop culture icon: the Darth Vader Helmet. Various well-known artists, such as Shag, Biskup, Baseman, and Kozik did their own interpretations on the helmets. So it was a real thrill & honor to be asked to submit one.

After deliberating over what & how to paint this thing, we got a bit frustrated. Luckily we had a few beers, and in a slightly-buzzed, throw-my-hands-up-in-the-air moment, I joked that we put the fearsome lord in drag (this, too, is my answer to MANY things).

"F#ck it! Put a bunch of fruit on his head & call him 'Carmen Mirandarth'! "

So that's exactly what we did.

We rushed over to Michaels, bought a bunch of doo-dads & notions, and went to work. In one night, after some serious glue-gunning, we came up with this:

When unveiled to the girls at the next GDG meeting, one notably commented: "I'm scared."

Little did we know the buzz Carmen Mirandarth created would turn out to be huge. She made a fabulous debut at Comic Con 2007.

Tons of people blogged about her. She got so much press & is currently touring the world! The last place she was exhibited (and probably the LAST place we'd think she'd be) was at a Carnegie art museum!

Now the Vadar Project helmets are going up for auction. With all the buzz our girl has generated, I'm curious to know how she does. I can honestly say it's not the money I care about. I'm getting a bigger kick out of how well she's been received. Disturbing, yes. But in the end, she's making people happy. And hopefully she makes one STAR WARS super fan extra-super-*faaaabulously* happy.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

other distractions

Science Faire

Some other pieces that will be in the upcoming show "Science Faire" (4.10.10 @ pehrspace 325 Glendale!)

gerald" - gouache on 2"x2" acrylic paper

"Drinking Birds" - gouache on wood plaque

Last night I finished this one.

A portrait of physicist Michio Kaku. If you watch the Science channel, you may recognize him. It would be great to paint a Kokeshi doll in his likeness. I'll keep that in my back pocket for now.

What My Neighbors Must Be Doing

For the past 5 years my husband and I lived in a cute lil apartment in Burbank. But the walls were so thin, and my neighbors did very little to help this.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

testing. testing? this thing on?

First post. Second day of vacay. Nervous about the to-do list but I've finally started THIS thing, so I think I can safely cross this off. I'm supposed to whitewash a fence (no joke), but it's windy and cold and there's stuff blowing around. Tempted to pull a Huck Finn. Have puppies to tend to. They're asleep at my feet, warm & freshly Frontline'd. Yesterday I painted a small portrait of Slim Goodbody for the gallery show "Science Faire."

Opening April 10 @ Pehrspace in Echo Park. Want to try to finish 1 painting a day for the rest of the time i have off before the show, which is this week only. I've got a few physicists to whom i'd like to pay homage.

I will post "What My Neighbors Must Be Doing" comics shortly, to those who are familiar with what else i do. Right now, i have to break up a puppy brawl.