Tuesday, March 9, 2010

testing. testing? this thing on?

First post. Second day of vacay. Nervous about the to-do list but I've finally started THIS thing, so I think I can safely cross this off. I'm supposed to whitewash a fence (no joke), but it's windy and cold and there's stuff blowing around. Tempted to pull a Huck Finn. Have puppies to tend to. They're asleep at my feet, warm & freshly Frontline'd. Yesterday I painted a small portrait of Slim Goodbody for the gallery show "Science Faire."

Opening April 10 @ Pehrspace in Echo Park. Want to try to finish 1 painting a day for the rest of the time i have off before the show, which is this week only. I've got a few physicists to whom i'd like to pay homage.

I will post "What My Neighbors Must Be Doing" comics shortly, to those who are familiar with what else i do. Right now, i have to break up a puppy brawl.


  1. whoo hoo! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ; D

  2. Gooble Gobble Gooble Gobble.

    Oh I like it!

  3. Soo this painting is available for sale. Hit me up & make me an offer.